OneTaqwa – Corporate Identity

OneTaqwa is a luxury brand with its roots in the middles east. Specialising in gifting for Ramadan OneTaqwa is a global brand that is attractive to urban consumers aware of the qualities of luxury products and appreciating cultural and heritage authenticity.

The brand icon comes from the story of the light a the end of the fasting period of Ramadan. Using decorative rays of light with the silhouette of a traditional lantern creates something both eye catching in its beauty and contemporary in appearance. Using the ‘O’ from the name and the Arabic script for the number one gives it ownability and brand individuality.

The branding is used across multiple touch points, on the packaging with the logo and on it’s own as an icon of the brand. It is always executed in rich Arabian-nights inspired colours and luxurious gold foiling, demanding for it’s intricacy but a must for luxury reassurance.