Omé Superslim Cigarettes

Omé superslim cigarettes is the perfect strategic brand that both found an unfulfilled need in the crowded feminine superslims cigarettes market and identified opportunity in the Karelia portfolio. As such, Omé (inspired by Omega – the big ‘o’) is inherently Greek but with massive international appeal that is sophisticated modern feminine without being flowery.

The strength lies in the bold but simple and effective branding. The logo reversed out of a gradient circle and set off pack to the right pops with modernity and is encapsulated by a hot foil ring adding to the premium value of the brand.

Lots of multi-coloured circles add to the dynamic and elegant feel of the packaging. This graphics were strong enough to be able to change colour across the range where the circles are used as navigation to suggest product difference.

Effects like embossing and debossing along with varnishes and hot foils make the product premium without detracting from the fresh and vibrant colour palette.

A successful brand that now sells globally with an ever increasing range and many different variants.