OneTaqwa – Ramadan Calendar

I worked with OneTaqwa to design the world’s finest Ramadan Calendar. The project was brought to me at a very early stage with the client having a basic concept and many ideas, the challenge was to draw them all together and create something that was both culturally authentic and as impressive as it was engaging.

Designed to be given as a gift, the packaging was conceived to be functional as a calendar, delivering a single date each day over the thirty day period and yet be engaging. The design is heavily layered with openable doors, removable wraps and openable boxes. The whole design was created to be an experience.

The graphic design comes from a rich source of inspiration. When designing something like this it is important to find authentic reference that gives gravitas to a design. Working from old mosaic tiles, Arabian colour palettes and Islamic patterns proved to be a creative treasure trove of intricate pattern, vibrant colour and interesting texture.

As this was a luxury product the production had to be impeccable. The feel factor of the pull of each of the numbered boxes had to be just right – it’s amazing when you start to consider these sorts of things and the perceptions you feel when something is too loose or too tight.

The decorative graphic design had a multitude of finishes stipulated that enriched the look of the calendar. As these were so intricate in places I worked closely with the production team to ensure that the design firstly looked incredible and that the original vision was never compromised.

The end result is a beautiful journey for the owner that draws you through the layers of design, each one delighting and richer in detail than the next.



OneTaqwa is a producer of luxury festive calendars.