Efé – 5 year aged raki

When Efé proposed that they were making the first aged raki then it was my job to make sure that the packaging firstly reflected the premium nature of the spirit, being visibly different to other rakis in the Efé range and secondly communicated the product story and prestige craft difference.

Due to the initial small run of the raki a bespoke bottle was cost prohibitive but the the idea was to use an off the shelf bottle that was visibly premium enough and yet have a big enough canvas to be able to personalise the design making it a true Efé product.

The sophisticated concave bottle set it apart not only from the Efé range but also within the competitive set, being distinctive enough and carrying gravitas as a step-up for the consumer.

Trade dress was influenced by elegant authentic Turkish patterns which was designed to incorporate the age statement of 5 years. The two tone gold finishing helped the prestige feel of the design and gave standout, complimenting the light gold finish of the spirit. A small label narrated the story and conveyed the barrel ageing, product reassurance and premium difference in one.