I'm Lee Buffham-Wade

Packaging and Brand Design Ambassador

My experience enables me to take a project from initial thoughts and ideas through a design process to create beautiful tangible results. Undoubtedly my personal style and process of tackling design challenges put a unique stamp on the projects I do. Below is a list of things that isn’t by any means complete but that have the greatest influence over the work I do.

I love to create


Luxury Packaging

Drinks and Spirits

Cigarettes and Tobacco

WHAT I DO - Qualities I bring

Conceptual Ideas

Design Solutions

Premium Crafting

Beautiful Finishing

Things that inspire me

Design doesn’t start and end at my desk. Creativity is about piecing together things I have seen and things I found interesting. Inspiration can come from anywhere, the things that make an impact or move me leave impressions that influence my work. Curiosity wonderful and seeking out difference is what makes my design so authentic.


Colour has the power to change how we feel about things. Colour can be bold and attention grabbing, or subtle and calming. I like restricted colour palettes for efficacy but with a pop of something vibrant for modernity.


Pattern helps to enrich designs and gives them authenticity. The world is full of incredible patterns all linked to culture and heritage. How pattern is used can be effective and add beauty increasing premium perception. I adore using pattern for its expression of energy.


Texture helps us to connect to things, by physically feeling things through touch our desire is to relate. Subtle texture can be eye-catching and enrich seemingly plain areas with detail that can skew how we relate to a design. I like to use texture in my work adding depth and layered interest.


Form helps us to understand things, it can talk of quality, of modernity or reassurance. It can help describe taste, rounded and smooth, linear and crisp. It can be the essence of uniqueness. I like to use shape that fits the energy of the brand or conveys taste expectation.

Designing Amazing

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